Experienced, DONA certified birth and postpartum doulas serving the Washington, DC area


Our Mission

You may be asking yourself, What advantage would a doula bring to my birth? We recognize that birth is a key life event and the mission of By Your Side Birth Services, is to assist the birthing woman to achieve the best possible birth experience as defined by the mother through:

  • Respecting and honoring the choices and challenges each woman faces as she gives birth

  • Providing physical, emotional and informational support to the birthing family

  • Working with clinical care providers as part of the birthing team

Studies and our experiences have shown that the presence of a doula is beneficial for the mother, father and their baby.  When asked, women reported greater satisfaction with the birth experience and expressed more positive assessment of their baby.  Fathers and other support people felt better prepared to participate in supporting the mother during the birth with the guidance of the doula.  The mother may have requested pain medication but often the request comes after labor is well established.  Doula supported births tend to be shorter and have fewer complications.  Doula support can contribute to increased rates and duration of breastfeeding and less postpartum depression.  

You may be asking yourself, "What advantages would a doula bring to the postpartum period?"

  • Respecting and honoring the choices and challenges each family faces once home with the baby

  • Providing a wide range of services that meet the physical, emotional and informational needs for the entire family

Studies have shown that the presence of a doula during the 4th trimester is beneficial for the baby and birth mother as well as for the entire family.  Guidance and support can come in the form of light household tasks, newborn care, breastfeeding support, maternal care to facilitate recovery, sibling adjustment, and providing resources and referrals if needed. These kinds of services contribute to feeling well rested, reassured and confident in the newborn period and lowers the risk of postpartum depression.

The goal of By Your Side Birth Services is to be a part of your birthing team. We do not come to your birth with an agenda.  We do not replace nurses or other medical staff.  We do not make decisions for clients but are there to help you gather the information you need to make the right decision for you and your baby.  We hope to enhance communication between you and your health care team and offer comfort, support and respect to the entire family.