Our Top 3 Books on Breastfeeding


The Nursing Mother’s Companion 6th Edition

By Kathleen Huggins, R.N. M.S.  Harvard Common Press, 2010.

Ms Huggins comprehensive book on breastfeeding has been respected by professionals and well loved by new parents for the past 25 years.  Her practical tips and sound information equips new moms to nurse their babies successfully from the first days and weeks at home through to weaning.  The revised book includes topics on nursing after a cesarean birth, nursing a near term (3-5 weeks premature) baby, expressing, storing and feeding breast milk, introducing solids, as well as reviews of breast pumps and other nursing equipment.


Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding (Revised Edition)

By Dr. Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman. Harper Collins, 2014.

Canadian Pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman executive director La Leche League Canada have collaborated on the revised edition of this practical guide helping new mothers get off to a good start breastfeeding their newborn.  The book covers the most common problems in the early weeks of nursing.  It addresses concerns about helping the baby get a good latch, reassuring signs baby is getting enough milk, ways to increase supply if baby isn’t getting enough, how to avoid sore nipples and much more.  Their goal is to provide the new mom with effective strategies and solutions to make breastfeeding work for you.


So That’s What They Are For; Breastfeeding Basics

By Janet Tamaro. Adams Media Corp; 2nd Edition, 1998.

The target audience for this book includes those who are thinking about breastfeeding to those who are planning to breastfeed and the mother who is having difficulty breastfeeding and is thinking about stopping.  It is lighthearted in tone but provides practical tips and suggestions with empathy and support to help you successfully breastfeed your baby.