Our Top Resources on Pregnancy and Birth, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Postpartum Depression and Online Resources


There are many, many books on the market giving advice about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, baby care tips and postpartum depression.  It can be overwhelming.  We offer you a few book titles that have been read by many of the doulas, considered to be helpful or exceptional by past clients or are authored by people we feel represent the best in the field. Our hope was to give you information and suggestions from many perspectives; obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, doulas, social workers and parents.

Books can be a great source of information but parenting is life’s greatest “on the job training” and what works in one household may not in the next.  As you get to know your baby and his temperament the perfect technique or strategy will take shape. Trust your instincts, accept advice or suggestions with an open mind and be willing to ask for help when you need it. Before you know it you will be the expert for your precious little baby.