Doula - A Greek word meaning "Woman's servant"


Our Doulas

Throughout history, women have been surrounded and supported by other women while giving birth. In classic art depictions of birth, you will often see at least two other women surrounding the laboring woman. One woman is the midwife whose role is to provide safe passage for the baby. The other woman or women are by the mother’s side holding and comforting her. 

A doula is like a trail guide. Familiar with the path, she keeps you hiking through the hard parts, knowing the view at the end is incredible.  

Mother Strong Doula


Our doulas have been called to do this work for many different reasons. Our goal is to be by the woman’s side respecting her wishes, providing supportive, compassionate care in hopes that her birth experience may be fulfilling and empowering to her.




I am a wife, mother, sister, nurse and doula. My journey to doula work began with the birth of my oldest daughter in 1987. I was blessed to have a nurse support me during a long, hard labor. She instilled in me a trust in my body's ability to birth my baby. I have been attending women in labor as a DONA certified doula since 2002. I believe that birth is normal, natural and healthy. I believe that women are strong and that birth matters. I hope that my presence and assistance will help the mother achieve the goals she has set for herself.

Behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begin. — Mitch Albom



I am the mother of three children, all of whom were born with the help of midwives. My journey to helping families during the process of pregnancy and childbirth began when I witnessed a home birth at age 16. Since then, I have had a growing desire and passion to support women and their families during this exciting, but often challenging time in their lives. While I believe that birth is a natural process, I realize that every woman's needs and desires for birth are different. I will support whatever birth preference my client has. I have received my training and certification through DONA and am committed to staying current in the pregnancy and birth fields adding to my skills to better serve my clients.

The natural process of birth sets the stage for parenting. Birth and parenting mirror each other. While it takes courage and strength to cope with labor and birth, it also takes courage and strength to parent a child. — Marcy White



I am a mom to two wonderful boys. I have a Master's of Science in Biology and a passion for children's yoga and mindfulness. My own two very different births motivated me to pursue doula work and it has been a unique, rewarding and fulfilling journey thus far. I welcome every opportunity to work with growing families and love the chance to empower couples to be their own best advocate. I am certified through ProDoula and fluent in Arabic.

Every baby has only one opportunity to be born. — Nancy Wainer